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Erasmus ME Academy Team

The Erasmus ME Academy unites young stakeholders across the EU to address current issues and initiates youth, culture, social, sports, and arts initiatives.

The team and founders of Erasmus ME Academy possess extensive expertise in European project management, having successfully promoted over 1000 projects across various European programs such as Erasmus+, LLP, Grundtvig, Comenius, Leonardo, ESF, Tacis, Socrates, Youth, Youth in action, European Youth Foundation, European Capital of Culture, EVS, European Parliament, Cultura 2000, Life, Progress, etc. They are highly experienced trainers in the fields of youth, adult education, and VET, having developed hundreds of training programs. Moreover, they have been actively engaged in numerous European projects, serving as coordinators, trainers, tutors, researchers, technicians, administrators, and demonstrating considerable expertise in the innovation sector and startups.

Our Services

The activities of the organization include the following:

  • Development of awareness-raising training for Erasmus plus projects.
  • Designing specialized training programs for the six disciplines of Erasmus (University, high school, adult education, sports, VET, and Youth).
  • Establishment of an innovative social platform to foster active participation among Erasmus plus project participants.

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