About Us

We strive to create a European society that benefits from the tools that are at its disposal. Civil society organizations need to work hand-in-hand with European institutions to implement their plans and ideas. Erasmus ME wishes to support the Erasmus program and its beneficiaries by providing tailored support structures and offers in the long run. 

Empowering organizations to benefit from and give back to the Erasmus program community will aid to strengthen the foundations of Europe and its institutions. Erasmus ME’s mission is to empower YOU, empower the Erasmus the program, and thereon empowering European integration. 

Erasmus ME is an initiative to promote and enrich the Erasmus experience. The idea of Erasmus ME is multi-fold: we cater to organizations, policymakers, and individuals. 

We offer project management services to organizations to help propose and implement Erasmus projects to improve their back-end services and project reporting. 

Are you a policy-maker at the National or European level? Do you wish to know where the next European trends are headed within the Erasmus program? Do you wish to make policies tailored to benefit Europeans? We, at Erasmus ME, support you frame the right policy solutions. 

Our founder and president, Ahmed Hassan is an expert in the NGO world on developing innovative projects that target the most vulnerable sections of society. Mr. Hassan has been in the field for almost two decades. With experience from multiple countries and continents under his belt, the team at Erasmus ME has been molded to tailor solutions to today’s pressing issues, irrespective of gender, race, and background. 

Our approach to solving the most pressing world issues delves on using a multicultural teaching approach to educate and engage NGOs and their stakeholders in a multi-level dialogue to promote economic and social development through learning and sharing best practices across boundaries.