Erasmus Me Academy

A service-oriented company that facilitates management of participants of the Erasmus plus project in the framework of the European Union

ERASMUS ME Academy is dedicated service provider for managing Erasmus plus projects and participants within the European Union framework. Our mission is to facilitate seamless project participation by encouraging valuable feedback exchange among participants. Through this approach, we aim to foster mutual benefits and growth for all involved in the ERASMUS Programme. Besides being a hub for NGOs and individual participants, ERASMUS ME Academy also functions as a dynamic social networking platform. Our core focus centers around the six pillars of the ERASMUS PLUS Framework, including University, High School, Adult Education, Sports, VET, and Youth. By leveraging our unique initiatives and strategic location, we actively seek to create impactful training programs that raise awareness about the Erasmus plus project and establish valuable connections with other universities across Germany and the EU.

About Us

The company has aims to

  • Establish a sustainable and robust educational approach for young adults and vocational education learners, employing diverse methodologies that demonstrate a high standard of competencies.
  • Create innovative initiatives in the domains of youth, culture, social issues, sports, and the arts, with a particular emphasis on organizing and managing entertainment centers. This includes offering specialized training courses at regional, national, and transnational levels.
  • Advocate for gender equality, encourage discussions on youth challenges, environmental concerns, social cooperatives, as well as mental and physical disabilities.